Book 2: People Journey


Book 2: People Journey

By Tae Hea Nahm & Robert Tinker

Building enterprise startups is different. Products take longer. Go-to-markets are more complex. Common wisdom on product-market-fit isn’t enough to unlock growth. There’s a missing link for enterprise called Go-To-Market Fit. Then, growth happens and everything changes. The startup suddenly shifts from “don’t die” Survival mode to “how-do-we-win” Thrival mode. What used to work maddeningly no longer works.

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BOOK 1: Company Journey

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Founder-CEO

CEO Journey: From Micro to Macro 11
1) Captain America & Platoon: Doing The Work 12
2) Captain America and the Avengers: Working Through Others 13
3) Charles Xavier & the X-men: Enabling An Army Of Superheroes 15
The Soul of the Startup CEO 16
Self-Awareness: Looking in the Mirror, and Acting On What You See 16
Schizophrenia: Confident Optimism & Total Paranoia 18
Passion For The Mission 19
Five CEO Skills to Learn and Practice 19
1) Closing 19
2) Variable Zoom 20
Distillation & Repetition 21
3) Develop a Sixth Sense 22
4) Relating to Sales Teams 22
Three CEO Things to Remember 23
A CEO is a Huge Signal Generator 23
Develop Early-Warning Systems 24
Be Both Ruthless & Sensitive. 24
CEO Tough Stuff 25
Unlearning the Fear of Short Term Turbulence 25
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t 26
The Internal-Momentum Trap 27
The Emotional Roller Coaster 28
The Recruiting Catch-22 28
CEO Execution Cadence 28
Becoming the Holistic CEO: Think in Swimlanes 29

Chapter 2: Leaders

Chapter 3: Team

Chapter 4: Vision & Culture as Foundation

Chapter 5: The Board Closing Thoughts